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More MMA fans, coaches, photographers, journalists & fighters are subscribing and joining MMAPlay365. The World’s most unique MMA betting advice platform has a professional handicapper with over $40,000 in cashed betting tickets, a three years 3rd party tracked and verified record and has proven betting strategies to beat the bookies.

Our aim is to give you the means to make a regular income. Whether you are somebody working a ‘9-5’ job and would love the extra money coming into your household, an MMA journalist that wants extra financial support in travelling to cover events or a fighter that would benefit from financial help with training and fight camps then the MMAPlay365 Affiliate Program is a great option for you.

Our easy to use affiliate dashboard in our back-office gives you all the information you need including click-through rates and most importantly, your earnings. Simply login and you will find information on monthly sign-ups, click-through rates, conversion rates and we also give you a 15% recurring payment of the total amount of your monthly subscriptions. All other subscriptions are paid at 15% which is added to your next payment as soon as the customer has subscribed via your affiliate link.

If you are an MMA fighter then you will earn an additional 5% as we know the difficulties faced in making the decision to become a full-time fighter and the financial constraints attached.

All affiliates of MMAPlay365 agree to the Terms and Conditions of the program.

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If you would like any custom graphics designed to specifically fit and/or suit your requirements then please contact us and give us as much detail as possible.