Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a long-term gambler and a fun gambler?

A long-term gambler in MMA is a person who understands that one-off big wins happen less likely than winning lots of single bets. These single bets pay out a lot less profit than a 4-fold accumulator (parlay) would pay out and you would likely have to bet more money on the single fighter to win too. But the chances of winning here are significantly greater. A long-term gambler is somebody who is in this gambling game for the long term and winning smaller amounts but more often really does start to add up when taking in profit. A long-term gambler is also somebody who will have a bankroll that they have built up over a period of months and years. A bankroll is a sum of money that is set aside from all other expenditures that life requires such as bills and family holidays. A bankroll is used solely for the purpose of betting. All betting money will come out of your bankroll and all returns will be added to the bankroll.

A fun gambler in MMA is quite the opposite. This is a person who will have no interest in building up bankroll over a period of time and will look to bet big accumulators (parlays) for that one big win. The fun gambler will understand that these types of bets don’t cash as much as the single bets but in most cases you’d only need one or two to cash in around 20 of these bets to make profit. Some people will sit down to watch a UFC card on a Saturday night and will just put on an accumulator (parlay) to make the night a little more interesting with the hope that their £20/$20 turns into £500/$500.

Why should I pay for advice?

Paying for advice from mmaplay365 can be a very smart way to win your MMA bets and cash your tickets. The professional MMA gambling team has a three year official record that has been third-party tracked and verified by an online MMA source. Every single year has been a year of profit. That’s not one month, two months or a lucky week here and there, that is three straight years of beating the books. This method of gambling has always been the style of the long-term gambling team at mmaplay365 but the methods used to logically make winning decisions can be applied to the fun gambler too.

So whether you are wanting to start a journey in the long-term game and wanting to build your bankroll up or whether you want to play that fun 3 or 4-fold accumulator (parlay) every week, then you really do have the best chance of winning your bets by taking advice from a professional MMA gambler who has the expert knowledge of analysing fights to a level where they can make a solid judgement of which fighter is going to win the fight.

Remember, there is a high chance of you making your subscription money back and then profiting on top too.

How many tips do I get for my subscription?

There isn’t an exact number to state here. But MMA is not a seasonal sport and therefore it is not only on all year round, but there is a UFC event on most weekends (sometimes there is a one or two week break though). Even when there is a break in the UFC, there are other MMA promotions that put events on too. So if there are betting lines for these promotions and we see some value, you’ll get those bets as well.

As a subscriber to mmaplay365, you will get presented with multiple sections of betting advice. So whether you are a long-term gambler or a fun gambler you will get all the advice for each fight card that you need. The beauty of doing it this way is that you don’t have to decide right away which type of gambler you are. After all, even most professional MMA gamblers started as a fun gambler.

Inside each section of betting advice you will receive a brief write up on each fight that we believe looks good from a betting perspective. You will also receive the list of recommended bets to make along with a recommended betting size. These bets of course do not have to be followed by the subscriber if they choose to not want to part with their money.

What is my chance of winning a bet?

This is always a hard question to answer. The reason why it’s hard is because MMA is a very volatile sport where professionally trained fighters are put in a cage wearing 4oz gloves. The UFC in particular has some of the best MMA Boxers, Kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters in the world. So one mistake from your fighter on the feet or one-punch from the opponent could literally end the fight and either cash your ticket or give you a loss. On the mat, the UFC for example, has many BJJ black belts so again, one mistake on the ground could be just as deadly as that knockout.

Here’s the good news though; unlike Football, Rugby or Horse Racing, your MMA bet is reliant on two human beings. This is always going to create a much larger edge and a much greater chance of winning a bet because the more athletes that are involved in your bet, the more that could go wrong. Similar things can be said regarding Horse Racing too because you should prefer to put your trust and money in a human opposed to an animal (for obvious reasons).

Then we move on to the professional MMA gambling team at mmaplay365. With the amount of hours put into studying each fighter on every fight card we get a very clear grasp on what each fighter is going to bring inside the cage. We can then determine how this matches up with the strengths and weaknesses or their opponent (and vice versa). Whether a bet wins or a bet loses, you have the best chance of winning with mmaplay365.

How much money should I bet?

This answer will always vary. But to make it simple here at mmaplay365 we will include a recommended bet amount with every bet that we advise via the subscription service. We simply include a Small, Medium or Large betting advice metric. The reason for this is that different people will have different values on money due to individual financial circumstances.

For example, if one person has £1000/$1000 to play with then a £100/$100 bet will be of less value than somebody who has £250/$250 to play with. So when you see the Small, Medium or Large metric on any bet, this will be a decision for the individual subscriber to make, based on their own financial situation.

What happens if I lose money?

Losing money is unfortunately a part of the gambling game. MMA is a very volatile sport where professionally trained fighters are put in a cage wearing 4oz gloves. The UFC in particular has some of the best MMA Boxers, Kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters in the world. So one mistake from your fighter on the feet or one-punch from the opponent could literally end the fight and either cash your ticket or give you a loss. On the mat, the UFC for example has so many BJJ black belts so again, one mistake in the ground game could be just as deadly as that knockout. For these reasons, even a professional MMA gambler, expert and analyst will lose bets and lose money. If there was a level of expertise that meant that a gambler won every bet they played, then they’d be millionaires right now and would not betting any more.

If you lose a bet then you just swallow the loss and move onto the next week. Being a subscriber of mmaplay365 will always give you the best chance of winning and you will win bets more often than not, as proved by our third-party tracked record.

Remember, never bet more than you can afford to lose. And when the fun stops, stop.

What happens if a fight that I have bet on gets cancelled?

This is quite simple. If you place a bet on a fight or fighter and that fight is cancelled due to an injury, pullout or any other reason then your bet will be void by the bookie and your money will be refunded to your betting account. If you have a 4-fold (3-leg) accumulator (parlay) for example and one fight in that accumulator (parlay) gets cancelled then the bookie will just remove that fight from the accumulator (parlay) and it will then go forward as a 3-fold (3-leg). The original returns will be reduced though as a 3-fold (3-leg) has more chance of winning than a 4-fold (3-leg). The bookie will make these calculations for you.